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Mike Pouncey gets drafted higher than his brother did, despite not being quite as good

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Quick-twitch analysis:

If Mike Pouncey didn't have a brother in the NFL that played great football as a rookie for the Steelers last year, does he go this high? I don't think he does. Love Mike Pouncey, but I think this is simply too high for a C/G, especially one that isn't exactly a guaranteed multi-year Pro Bowler.


National Football Post Scouting Combine:

A natural bender who can really sit into his stance off the snap, fire off the football low and consistently get under the pad level of opposing linemen in the run game. His combination of initial burst and power really makes him effective as an in-line blocker, as he gets his arms up quickly, hands under the chest plate and pumps his legs through contact. Also, is routinely one of the first linemen firing off the football. Is really coordinated through contact as well, does a nice job sitting into his stance, maintaining his balance and cleanly shuffling his feet through the play. Now, isn't the most aware at times off the snap, will struggle to recognize his man and get caught taking improper angles, allowing himself to be jolted on contact. But, he's a good enough athlete to rework his hands and at least create a stalemate inside and stick to the block.

Is comfortable on the move, takes good angles in space, is pretty fluid/rangy for a big guy and breaks down well on contact. Does a nice job as a short-area athlete chipping at the line, quickly redirecting and reaching a linebacker off his frame.

Looks comfortable in pass protection, takes a quick first step off the line and does a great job keeping his base down and feet under him laterally. Is smooth when asked to slide and shuffle and displays impressive mirror ability even in space. Now, isn't real heavy handed, possesses a quick recoil and always keep his hands up and ready to punch, but too often allows defenders to fight off his block and he relies more so on his ability to mirror in space. However, redirects well and can anchor on contact, as he works his hands to consistently gain inside leverage. Does have trouble with his accuracy snapping from the gun at center; might be limited to guard only in the NFL.

Impression: A gifted athlete who plays with bend, explosion and natural athleticism in both the run and pass game. No reason to think this guy can't be starting early in his NFL career and become a very good lineman at the next level.