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Colts take Anthony Castonzo. I don't care.

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The Colts took Castonzo. Good for them. The Eagles are on the clock.


National Football Post Scouting Reports:

A tall, natural athlete for the position who displays good length and above-average athleticism when asked to reach the edge. Does a nice job sitting into his stance off the snap and is very comfortable playing from a three-point stance. However, isn't as technically sound as advertised. Struggles to consistently keep his base under him and will bend at the waist and overextend into blocks — especially from a two-point stance — and his footwork on his initial kick-slide isn't the cleanest. Has a tendency to get a bit overextended, will open up his hips prematurely and get caught with his feet parallel to one another vs. speed to the corner. Now, is a natural athlete with fluid hips and displays the ability to cleanly/quickly redirect and cut off blocks inside and counter moves. However, isn't real heavy handed and doesn't have the kind of power to simply lock out and keep defenders from pumping their legs through contact.

Displays good range and body control on the move in the run game. Is natural when asked to get around defenders and seal on perimeter runs, and he looks comfortable chipping at the line and reaching the second level as well. However, again, doesn't generate much power from his lower half on contact. Has a tendency to roll his hips into contact and doesn't get much movement off the snap. More of a finesse guy who understands angles, leverage and does a nice job of getting his hands inside on the target, but lacks the natural strength to simply eliminate defenders from the play.

Impression: The size, length and natural athleticism is there, but he needs more time to mature physically. I don't think he's a guy who you can pencil in as a starter on the left side from day one, but with some time he has the skill set to eventually develop into a serviceable starting left tackle in the NFL. However, as of now, isn't an elite offensive tackle prospect by any stretch in my book.