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Giants desperately need to get younger at OL, settle for great value in Prince

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The Giants have a gross, glaring need to get younger along their OL, which is now the oldest in the NFL. But it's really hard to knock this pick - This is a fantastic value for the Giants. Dallas makes a sensible pick at 9, the Skins trade back and get an extra pick in the 2nd as well as a great player in Kerrigan, and now the Giants get Amukamara WAY down at 19. Farts.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

A good athlete for his size who possesses good instincts in coverage and has a real feel for the pass game. Does a nice job quickly locating the football, putting his foot in the ground and clicking and closing on the pass in front of him. Possesses compact footwork in his drop when asked to play in off and does a nice job keeping his feet under him and quickly driving on throws. Exhibits impressive ball skills and consistently is able to come down with the catch. Improved his overall pad level in his drop from a year ago, does a much better job sitting into his stance through the play and not popping upright the longer he has to sit into his stance.

Lacks elite speed vertically down the field when asked to turn and run, will allow receivers to get behind him and doesn't possess the type of second gear to routinely make up for a false step. Possesses a little tightness in the hips when asked to turn and run, but is able to cleanly change directions and looks really comfortable smoothly getting out of his breaks and closing on the throw. Is an improved tackler from last season, has a physical element to his game, breaks down well and will stick his head in and wrap up.

Looked a lot more poised when asked to play in press coverage in 2010 as well. Did a much better job being patient off the line, using the proper hand to initially press with and was able to sit into his stance and maintain balance laterally through the play. However, doesn't play as physical vs. bigger, stronger wideouts at times and gets content playing press-bail, which will get himself in some trouble trying to play more like a finesse corner. Is fluid when asked to turn and run and his combination of balance, footwork and strength off the line makes him really difficult to separate from even initially into routes. However, he does get a bit grabby at times down the field and will get caught stopping his feet when looking back for the football, allowing receivers to get behind him.

Impression: A fluid, balanced corner who possesses only average deep speed, but looks like a guy capable of starting at a number of spots in an NFL secondary. However, I don't think he will ever be a real blue-chip corner.