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Robert Quinn slides to 14, Rams say "Thank you!"

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Quick-twitch analysis:

Two consecutive fantastic picks back to back by the Lions and Rams here, thanks to utterly moronic picks by the Vikings and Titans, who way over-reached for QB's. Quinn will be an impact player immediately for a team that's clearly on the rise.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

Possesses a tall, long-armed frame with good overall muscle tone and girth through his lower half. Coils up well into his stance and does a good job maximizing his first step off the football up the field. At times doesn't sit into his stance as well as he could, but got the most part plays with good bend. Get his hands up very quickly off the snap and knows how to use his length to initially slip blocks on contact. However, he looks much more natural at this stage using his hands to shed blocks in the pass game than vs. the run.

In the pass game, he does a great job working a jab step inside and instantly exploding toward the outside edge, maintaining his balance and accelerating toward the quarterback as well as any pass rusher in college football. Showcases impressive natural body control when asked to flatten out around the corner and looks natural dropping his shoulder and working a powerful and compact swat to keep himself clean. Has a good -not great- first step that allows him to consistently threaten the outside and turn the corner. Is very efficient and savvy when asked to change directions and work the inside stunt. However, he needs to do a better job getting off the snap count on time, as he too often is the last defensive lineman moving off the ball — that should improve with more experience. Even so, the guy plays with a motor that runs non-stop, and because of his range and length, he rarely stays blocked for long.

Against the run game, he needs to do a better job playing with a lower pad level initially off the snap since he too often gets high out of his stance and can be jolted backward on contact. However, because he's so long and sudden, he consistently is able to slip the block and close on the football after the initial jolt. He also needs to continue to work on
his hand placement vs. the run game, especially when asked to set the edge. Although he does, for the most part, do a pretty good job remaining disciplined and staying at home with backside contain, he struggles to consistently gain initial leverage on contact when asked to take on blocks. His hands end up on the outside shoulders of opposing linemen
where he can be steered away from the ball. But he does work hard to fight his way off blocks and has the kind of range to close from the backside and consistently make plays in pursuit.

Missed the 2010 season for his involvement in the agent scandal, accepting illegitimate gifts on his behalf. Also, underwent brain surgery as a senior in high school for a benign tumor and made a full recovery and is a two-time defending state champ in wrestling.

Impression: Simply put was the best pass-rushing defensive end I saw in the country in 2009. Needs to check out from a character standpoint, but all the tools are there for him to mature into one the best pass rushers to come out of this class and an impact guy off the edge if he can put 2010 behind him and develop.