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I'm officially terrified of the Lions


Oh no... What just happened here? I'm officially terrified of the Detroit Lions. Ndamukong Suh. Nick Fairley. Kyle Vanden Bosch. Pencil in the Lions for the playoffs. That's really all that needs to be said. The Lions win the draft.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

A breakout performer in 2010 who had a dominant junior season after only starting two games in 2009. A tall, long-armed, well-strapped-together kid with a thick lower half and is a good-looking athlete for the position. Displays only average bend when asked to sit into his stance and as he begins to wear down seems to get too high off the football. However, for a guy his size is really explosive off the football, quickly is able to get into opposing linemen and does a great job extending his arms into contact. Exhibits little wasted motion getting his arms up and gaining inside leverage at the point. Is a powerful kid with a strong punch, can overwhelm on contact and drive defenders into the backfield, but is balanced and sudden enough to slip the block and close up the field. Really does possess a rare combination of power and initial burst inside, can threaten gaps off the football as a one-gap guy, is flexible enough to drop his pad level down, drop his pad level off the edge and close on the football. Also, uses his hands well to disengage from blocks both on and through contact and when his motor is running on high he's a bear to block in the pass game. Has the power to split the double team and fight his way through it, despite getting a bit high at times and was simply no match for opposing blockers one-on-one inside.

Is a very good run defender in his own right. Displays impressive anchor strength, has the ability to sit into his base and hold the point of attack vs. the double team. Also has the power, length and suddenness to fend off blocks inside one-on-one, find the football and close quickly on the play. At times isn't the most instinctive of guys off the snap and will take himself out of plays trying to create behind the line. However, when asked to stick and shed, he locates the ball well, disengages and tracks the ball carrier well off his frame and is a nice player in pursuit. Has a real mean streak to his game. Showcases a passion for driving defenders into the turf and likes to inflict pain on quarterbacks. Has come under fire because of it, but I like it about his game and think he has the kind of demeanor I want in an NFL defensive lineman. There are some questions about his overall conditioning, seems to be sucking wind quite often during a game and might need to learn to take his conditioning more seriously in the NFL.

Possesses a questionable motor and there is definitely some lazy to his game. Will take some plays off and at times will disappear, but when a play is needed to be made typically his motor is running. There are also some questions about why he hasn't been more productive longer. Didn't have his breakout year until he was draft eligible and his overall passion for the game has come into question.

Impression: A potentially downright dominant NFL defensive lineman who has the skill set and abilities to play just about anywhere and be effective if he wants it. There are some character concerns surrounding his on the field work ethic that need to be checked out. But he just doesn't have the same type of drive as last year's second overall pick, Ndamukong Suh.

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