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The Cardinals are the new leader in the clubhouse for Kevin Kolb

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And the leader in the clubhouse for the Kevin Kolb sweepstakes is clearly the Arizona Cardinals. In fact, the Cardinals may very well already have a deal in place with the Eagles. Very interesting decision here.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

A tall, well-put-together cornerback with a thick upper body, long set of arms and really impressive fluidity in and out of his breaks. Possesses natural bend in his stance off the line, can sit into his drop and for a big guy isn't real leggy when asked to transition. Needs some work with his overall footwork off line, as he has a tendency to almost jump backward or out of his breaks initially when up in press bail instead of just calmly working his feet into his backpedal, causing him to initially lose his balance and can give up separation in the three-step game. However, because of his natural fluidity is able to regain his balance quickly, possesses a good first step when asked to turn and run and has the ability to consistently keep pace with receivers with ease vertically down the field. When he wants to be physical off the line and press he's a very difficult corner to disengage from and get off the press quickly, but for the most part likes to play cute and simply play press bail. Gets a little bit impatient at times as well in off, looking to open up his hips prematurely in order to turn and run, but showcases a good feel in zone. Looks much more patient in his drop, plays with better technique, keeping his base down, footwork compact and keying on the quarterback. Is naturally able to get in and out of his breaks and doesn't waste much motion at all for a guy his size.

However, isn't the kind of tackler you would expect for a guy at his dimensions. Has the ability to come up and tackle, but doesn't break down real well, doesn't always see what he hits and has a tendency to fall off too many ball carriers. Would like to see him showcase more patience as a tackler, break down with more poise and use his size/physicality to be more violent as a striker. Has the physical capabilities to become a good tackler — it's more of a want thing. But, he is a great return man. Is dynamic in the open field, accelerates quickly, displays impressive wiggle to his game even at top speed and is a threat to take it the distance every time he gets his hands on the football. Should come in and be one of the top return men in the NFL from day one.

Impression: It's rare to find a cornerback at his size who can fluidly get out of his breaks and accelerate initially as well as he does. Has some technique flaws that are correctable and I expect him to overcome them and mature into one of the NFL's better corners.