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The Broncos grab the best pass rusher in the draft in Von Miller

Quick-twitch analysis:

The Broncos get themselves a true elite athlete here. A little undersized, but there aren't too many offensive tackles with the quickness to keep Miller from getting around the edge. The Broncos have holes galore on defense, and they get the best pass rusher in the draft.

There was a long shot that the Broncos would take a QB here, which would have been phenomenal from the Eagles' perspective, but the Broncos didn't cooperate.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

An undersized pass rusher who does the majority of his work from a two-point stance. Possesses a great first step and has the initial burst to consistently threaten the edge with his outside speed rush. Is routinely one of the first defensive linemen moving off the ball and really maximizes his initial burst with his good awareness off the snap. Plays with a great motor and always seems to be working hard toward the football. Does a nice job dropping his shoulder initially off the edge, really gives opposing linemen a little target to hit and seems to be sinking his hips and frame over more as a senior when trying to flatten out around the edge. However, will get a bit upright at times when just trying to win with his initial burst and can be pushed past the play easily.

He's very sudden and quick when attacking up the field and does a great job working the inside shimmy initially, planting his foot in the ground and exploding up the field. Closes quickly on the quarterback once he gains a step and has the lower body strength to fight his way through contact. Possesses good body control and fluidity when asked to change directions and definitely has some lateral quickness to his game as a pass rusher. However, he isn't nearly as effective once an opposing lineman is able to get his hands on him, as he tends to lose balance at times and can be easily kept at bay. Lacks ideal power on his bull rush, allows his pad level to get too high and struggles to disengage through the contact. But, he does display above-average strength in his hands and does a nice job extending his arms into blocks, keeping himself clean and suddenly disengaging from opposing linemen when trying to work his way inside initially off the snap.

Struggles to stack and shed in the run game. Lacks ideal power on contact and doesn't exhibit the base to sit into his stance, hold the point of attack and shed blocks vs. opposing linemen. Is easily sealed from the ball and can at times be handled by the tight end. However, has showcased impressive fluidity and quickness in coverage this year when asked to drop off in zone and not rush the passer, which really helps his stock as a potential 3-4 rush linebacker. Fought through an early season ankle injury and displayed the type of passion and toughness to play through it despite the fact he wasn't 100 percent. Got healthy as the year went on and was one of the most dominant pass rushers during the second half of the season in all of college football.

Impression: An explosive pass rusher who has the awareness and first step to consistently win off the snap. Definitely has the ability to be a productive pass rushing 3-4 OLB at the next level. He just needs to continue to polish his game and learn to use his hands a bit better when engaged.