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Do the Bengals really not like any of the QB's in this draft, or are they being stubborn?


Kind of a questionable pick here. Chad Ochocinco is likely done in Bengals, and Green is an immense talent, so I get it. But with Carson Palmer seemingly serious about retiring, who exactly is going to get the ball to Green? If the Bengals simply don't like any of the QB's in this draft, I have no problem with the pick, but if Owner/"GM" Mike Brown is stubbornly thinking he can bully Palmer into continuing to play for the Bengals, this pick is atrocious.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

A tall, long-armed wideout with a lean-looking frame who has the ability to add some more bulk and strength as he continues to mature. Plays stronger than his frame would indicate and does a nice job maintaining balance through contact, but at times can be jolted at the line and/or down the field by defenders and I would like to see a more physical element to his game. However, displays excellent body control and balance as a route runner and has the suddenness to his game to cleanly get out of his breaks and separate from man coverage on all levels of the field. I love the overall flexibility he exhibits; he contorts his long, lean body in all directions in order to come down with the football. It's rare to find a guy at this size who has the type of fluidity to cleanly get in and out of his breaks in the intermediate pass game and run the sharply breaking routes so crisply. Gets up to speed quickly off the line, can eat up the cushion quickly and looks comfortable sinking his hips and dropping his pad level in order to change directions and generate separation vs. man. Has a long wingspan and uses his length well to make plays on the football, gives quarterbacks a huge area to throw at. Displays natural body control and agility after the catch and will work in the bubble screen game. Uses his length well to stiff-arm defenders, runs hard and has a bit of a competitive attitude to his game.

Displays great hands, consistently plucking the football away from his frame and rarely lets a throw get into his body on all areas of the field. Lacks elite straight-line speed, but runs well for his size, does a nice job changing speeds off the line, accelerating quickly and definitely has a second gear when tracking the football. Is an explosive leaper with good balance, times the football well in jump ball situations and looks like a power forward the way he goes up and attacks the throw. Is always in position to redirect and make a play on the football and is the kind of athlete who doesn't need to be open in order for a quarterback to throw him the ball. Does a nice job setting up defenders off the line when asked to beat press coverage and has the lateral shiftiness to slip the bump cleanly and get into his routes. His concentration is second to none as he has the ability to remain focused through the play and is really fearless in the middle of the field when asked to open up his frame, take a hit and hang onto the throw.

Is a willing blocker on the outside who isn't dominant on contact, but is long armed and can steer opposing defenders initially away from the play. Missed the first four games of the season due to suspension for selling his game-worn bowl jersey for $1000.

Impression: A long, lean wideout with impressive body control, hand-eye coordination and overall feel for the game. Plus, he showcases rare fluidity as a route runner for a guy his size and despite not having elite top-end speed he accelerates well down the field and is a consistent vertical threat. The best wideout prospect to come along since Calvin Johnson and a real blue-chip wideout prospect in my view.