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What?!?!? The Redskins make a trade to get MORE picks?

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The Jags get their QB to finally replace the ever-mediocre David Garrard, and they trade up with the Redskins to get their guy. Wait, what?!?!? The Redskins accumulated more picks?!?!? Oh boy... I don't like that.

On the Kevin Kolb front, this is a fantastic result for the Eagles, as the Jaguars eliminate the consensus #2 QB in the draft, and as a team that wasn't likely to trade for Kolb, that's a great thing.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

A tall, well-put-together quarterback prospect who possesses good size and won't have
any trouble seeing over the line of scrimmage. Is also a pretty good athlete for his size
on the move, looks coordinated when flushed outside the pocket, can pick up yards with
his feet from time to time and Missouri even ran some option with him. However, isn't
nearly as coordinated in the pocket with his footwork. Struggles to keep a consistently
compact and balanced base and too often gets too wide with his footwork when trying
to throw the football and transfer his weight from his back foot to his front. Doesn't
look real comfortable getting the ball out on time from the gun and will have a bit of a

learning curve taking snaps and dropping from center. Also, has some wasted motion
in his delivery, and when trying to get the ball out on time in the short passing game he
displays a slight wind up. Really struggles with his accuracy/timing at times because of
these deficiencies underneath. However, possesses a good mental clock and knows when
the ball needs to come out. But, is limited to reading more of just one side of the field,
isn't a guy who routinely is able to scan his way across the entire field and find secondary
options. Has a tendency to read one side and if nothing is on, he automatically looks to
flush himself from the pocket the other way, drops his eye level and limits his ability to
get rid of the football.

Possesses a strong arm, spins a clean football and has the arm strength to make all the
throws. Looks a lot more comfortable in the intermediate pass game where he has time
to get into his drop, hitch into the throw and get the ball out on time. Displays good
anticipation skills when he knows where he wants to go with the football, exhibiting good
ball placement, especially outside the numbers.

Showcases natural arm strength on the move and has the kind of touch to drop bucket
throws into the outstretched hands of receivers vertically. Also, does a nice job keeping
his eyes down the field once he breaks contain and can throw accurately on the run.
However, is a bit lethargic with his footwork when he has time to set his feet and throw,
consistently throwing off balance, making passes sail on him.

Impression: A big, strong-armed passer with above-average athletic ability for his size.
Still is maturing in his ability to scan the entire field and his footwork is going to need
work. But the skill set is there to warrant a potential starting grade, but he is far from a
sure thing in my book.