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Bills add an elite player that can play any position along their 3-4 defensive line

Quick-twitch analysis:

Great pick. Dareus gives the Bills a ton of flexibility as he can play any of the 3 DL positions in their 3-4 defensive front. He'll start immediately and could potentially be a dominant player from Day 1.


National Football Post Scouting Report:

A thick, girthy lineman who has a really thick lower half and natural anchor strength. Looks a bit sloppy in the upper half and seemed really heavy during the early part of the 2010 season before finally slimming down a bit toward the end of the year as his play finally picked up. Displays only average flexibility when asked to sit into his stance off the snap, seems to get a bit high as he wears down. Is a physical run defender with good anchor strength and is tough to move off the football. Possesses a good first step off the snap vs. the run game; however, at times is late and needs to do a better job getting off the ball on time. Does do a nice job extending his arms, gaining leverage on contact and holding the point of attack. Does a nice job keeping his base under him despite getting a bit upright at times. However, he has a violent set of hands, good body control and has the ability to shed on contact and work his way toward the football. Displays an above-average motor, but lacks a great initial first step and doesn't close overly well in pursuit. Breaks down well in space, is more balanced/quick than rangy and has the kind of upper body strength to wrap up and make plays in a phone booth.

Isn't a real natural pass rusher. Too often his initial first movement is upright off the snap and wastes too much motion trying to get off the line. Displays some suddenness and power when trying to slip blocks into contact, but there's simply too much wasted motion and his upright pad level takes away from his closing burst when trying to close. Has a good enough first step to threaten gaps inside, but doesn't do a good enough job using his hands to keep himself clean and struggles to stay low, allows himself to pop up after his initial burst and can be easily sealed from the play. Possesses natural power through contact and is a good enough athlete to fight his way through contact, but simply pass rushes too high and isn't the kind of sudden/sharp/explosive athlete to consistently make plays vs. the pass game in the NFL.

There are some concerns about his overall weight fluctuation and work rate off the field. Also, there is some concern about him handling a real complex playbook.

Impression: Looks like a physical five-technique who has some upside to his game because of his high pad level as a pass rusher, but his weight issues could ultimately keep him from ever living up to his potential and keep from ever being much more than a very good run defender who eats up blocks inside.