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2011 NFL Draft Tracker, Open Thread, Pick-by-Pick Analysis, Highlights, Scouting Reports, and more

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Welcome to Bleeding Green Nation's 2011 Draft Coverage!  This page will serve as all the things mentioned in the title - Draft Tracker, Open Thread, and we'll have a separate post for every single first round pick that will include video highlights, scouting reports, quick-twitch analysis, and more.

This page will remain at the top of the front page throughout the draft, and we'll link to each post in BGN's Draft Tracker (found after the jump), as well as providing links at the top of this page for anything else we post during the draft.  Be sure to continually refresh this page to see updates as they occur.

Jason will be covering the draft from Radio City Music Hall, and he'll have updates via BGN and twitter (@BleedingGreen).  If you don't already follow @BleedingGreen, then shame on you.

Should be a crazy night - Keep it here with us.

Pick Team Player Analysis, highlights, and scouting report
1  Car_medium  Cam Newton
 No surprise: Panthers go high risk/reward by taking Cam Newton first overall
2  Den_medium  Von Miller
 The Broncos grab the best pass rusher in the draft in Von Miller
3  Buf_medium  Marcell Dareus
 Bills add an elite player that can any position along their 3-4 defensive front
4  Cin_medium  AJ Green
 Do the Bengals like Green this much, or are they just being stubborn?
5  Ari_medium  Patrick Peterson
 The Cardinals are the new leader in the clubhouse for Kevin Kolb
6  Cle_medium    
7  Sfx_medium    
8  Ten_medium    
9  Dal_medium    
10  Was_medium    
11  Hou_medium    
12  Min_medium    
13  Det_medium    
14  Stl_medium    
15  Mia_medium    
16  Jac_medium    
17  Nep_medium    
18  Sdc_medium    
19  Nyg_medium    
20  Tam_medium    
21  Kan_medium    
22  Ind_medium    
23  Phi_medium    
24  Nos_medium    
25  Sea_medium    
26  Bal_medium    
27  Atl_medium    
28  Nep_medium    
29  Chi_medium    
30  Nyj_medium    
31  Pit_medium    
32  Gbp_medium