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Mel Kiper Thinks The Cardinals Could Trade For Kevin Kolb

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But wait you say. You can't trade for players Mel! There's possibly still a lockout on! Of course there is, but let's follow the reasoning here. This is what Kiper said in his latest mock draft about the Cardinals first round pick.

This is a spot where I'll stamp a big "TRADE POSSIBILITY" tag on my notes as the picks start to come off the board. But if the Cardinals don't make a move for a pick that could turn into Kolb or some other veteran quarterback, Peterson is the guy they should take. He's the best overall talent in the draft, the No. 1 player on my Big Board and, even if he's not dealt, well, is it so bad to have the best player in the draft all the way down at No. 5?

There should be little doubt that the Cardinals and pretty much every other team basically know what the price for Kevin Kolb is at this point. We can also be pretty sure that NFL GMs have basically known that no CBA was going to be done for the past month or so. So if they've had any talks about Kolb, it's been for next years' picks.

So if the Cardinals decide to trade down here, they could do so with an eye toward getting a future #1 pick, that could be used later in the summer to acquire Kevin Kolb. Given how high they're picking, there's a chance that the Cards could not only get a pick that could be flipped for Kolb later, they could pick up a slew of other picks in the meantime.

If they really like Kolb, it's actually a move that makes some sense. If they started next year with a couple of second round picks or potentially even a late first from this draft, Kevin Kolb and still with their first for next year... That's not a bad summer.