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Mel Kiper's Final Mock Draft Has The Eagles Taking Jimmy Smith

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Mel Kiper has released his final mock draft before the real thing takes place tomorrow night. Like I've said before about all these mock drafts that have Jimmy Smith falling to the Eagles, I'm skeptical.

His reasoning is the main reason I'm skeptical.

Philly really needs help in the secondary. Smith has a ton of upside -- some teams have him rated higher than Amukamara -- and was a shutdown guy at Colorado. We've heard the questions about his attitude, but based on what I hear from teams, that's not a huge issue. Fluid, fast, instinctive and skilled, he fills a need for Philly and can be on the field early.

So if teams have Jimmy Smith Rated higher than Prince Amukamara (which I've heard a few times) how in the hell is he falling to #23?  Yes the Eagles could use secondary help and yes it would be great for them if he was there, but that's a reason to mock him to the Eagles.

That said, I will give Kiper some more credit than most, because he actually has Amukamara falling all the way to #20. If both the top corners fall, then it makes sense why Smith might be there for the Eagles. That might mean teams are just drafting for need and they don't need corners.

But don't tell me that teams have no issues with his character and rate him higher than Amukamara and then forecast him to fall to #23. That makes no sense.