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2011 NFL Draft: Eagles Team Needs

Will the Eagles look to get Asante Samuel some help in the draft?  (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Will the Eagles look to get Asante Samuel some help in the draft? (Photo by Nick Laham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

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Gary Horton of Scouts Inc did a write-up of the pre-draft needs for every team in the NFC East. While I won't quote his whole article, I do think it will be interesting to see his analysis of their top three needs.

His first and the most obvious need in my opinion is cornerback.

This is a defense that has always relied on man schemes behind its blitzes and right now, the Eagles don't have the players to get it done (outside of Asante Samuel). Ellis Hobbs has retired, and starter Dimitri Patterson gives up too many big plays and is a free agent who likely will not be back. A starter and a developmental nickel guy are needed.

While most pundits seem to list offensive line next, Horton sees outside linebacker as a bigger need.

Some juggling could be done at this position, which might decrease this need. Ernie Sims could be gone, and the Eagles could move MLB Stewart Bradley to the outside and let Jamar Chaney move into the starting MLB role (where he played well last year). They would like to add an athletic guy who could help in blitz packages and nickel situations.

Finally, his thoughts on the offensive line after the jump.

This could be inside or outside help up front. RG Max Jean-Gilles is a free agent, and probably not good enough anyway, and RT Winston Justice really struggles against athletic edge rushers. This is a problem because that is left-handed Michael Vick's backside -- two new starters on the right side would help.

His other needs are defensive end, safety and QB (on the assumption that Kevin Kolb will be traded).

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