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Janoris Jenkins kicked off Florida's football team - Possible supplemental draft target for the Eagles?

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About 4 months ago, Florida Gator CB Janoris Jenkins, after declaring for the NFL draft, changed his mind and instead decided to return to Florida.  Had he not changed his mind, Eagles fans would probably be talking about him as a possible 1st round target on Thursday.  Today, Florida head coach Will Muschamp tweeted that Jenkins is no longer on the team.

Jenkins now has a choice to make - He can either use his redshirt year in 2011, transfer to another school, and play college ball in 2012, or he can enter the supplemental draft.  The latter seems like the most obvious decision, and if that's the case, he could be a target for the Eagles, especially if they're eventually able to trade Kevin Kolb for a 2012 1st round pick.  The Eagles have never selected a player in the supplemental draft under Andy Reid, and the last Eagle player to be taken in the supplemental draft was Cris Carter in 1987.  If you're unfamiliar with how the supplemental draft works, it's explained after the jump...

From James Alder:

The Supplemental Draft, is designed to allow underclassmen --who did not petition the league for early entry before the NFL Draft deadline but find themselves ineligible for the upcoming college season-- a vehicle for entering the NFL. The supplemental draft is held after the traditional NFL Draft and before each season begins.

The league uses a weighted three-step, semi-lottery system to determine the order of the supplemental draft as follows:

  • Teams with six wins or less participate in the first lottery for the top supplemental draft picks. The team that posted the worst record among that group is given a weighted advantage over the following team, with each team's "weight" being decreased on down the line until reaching the team with the best record in the group.
  • The second group consists of non-playoff teams and follows the same weighted system.
  • The third group consists of last season's 12 playoff teams and, again, follows the same lottery system.

After the order is determined, each team submits to the league the name of the player(s) they are interested in, as well as the round of the supplemental draft they would like to choose them in. The team that submits the highest bid is awarded rights to the player. If more than one team bids a pick from the same round, the team with the highest pick in the round wins out.

If a team uses a pick in the Supplemental Draft, they must forfeit their choice in the corresponding round of the next years NFL Draft.

At the behest of esteemed BGN member foos, it probably also stands to reason we should mention why he was kicked off the team.  Per ESPN, Janoris enjoys the occasional blunt:

Jenkins' dismissal came after he was arrested early Saturday morning and charged with misdemeanor marijuana possession. Gainesville police said they found a marijuana cigar in the console of the vehicle Jenkins had been sitting in at a downtown parking lot.

It was the second time in less than three months Jenkins, 22, was arrested for a misdemeanor marijuana possession charge.

Jenkins, of Pahokee, Fla., was issued a notice to appear on a charge alleging possession of less than 20 grams of marijuana. He has a court date of May 12.

Jenkins was arrested on the same charge Jan. 24, when police found him with less than 20 grams of marijuana in the bathroom of a Gainesville nightclub. Jenkins accepted a plea agreement with the state attorney's office on that charge and was ordered to pay court costs of $316.

Jenkins also was arrested in June 2009 on misdemeanor affray charges after being involved in a fight and fleeing police. He agreed to a deferred prosecution agreement on that charge and was placed on six months' probation.