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Eagles trading out of 23 to pick up a 1 in 2012? Connect the dots... La la la la

From Les Bowen's twitter account last Thursday:

Eagles GM Howie Roseman says team is hearing from teams that might want Birds' 23rd overall pick for a QB

From Peter King's Monday Morning QB Column this morning:

1. There's a team in the draft that has a deal on the table -- I'm guessing New England (surprise!) -- with a team trying to come back into the first round. The deal will net the team dealing the first-rounder the following: a second-round pick in 2011 and a first-round pick in 2012. The deal, I hear, is contingent on the player the trade-up team wants still being there. Could it be Tennessee trading into the bottom of the first round, at 28, to get Jake Locker or Andy Dalton? Stay tuned.

Would I want to move back about 15 spots to pick up a 1 in 2012? Emphatic YES PLEASE.