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NFL Schedule Made For Potential Canceled Games?

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ESPN's Adam Schefter reported some interesting tidbits about the recently released NFL schedule. Specifically, he says that the schedule appears to have been constructed in a way that the first two weeks of the season could be canceled and it would still allow for 16 games to be played.

Every team that plays one another in week 3 has the same bye week. That means that if that game is missed, it could be made up during those teams' bye week. Essentially this would mean that there is no bye week. The Eagles are scheduled to the play the Giants in week 3...

The league has also apparently booked an extra week of hotel rooms in Indianapolis. Meaning that they can not only eliminate the bye week between the conference title games and the Superbowl, but also push the Superbowl back a week, buying two extra weeks.

So it appears the schedule has been set up so that as many as three regular season games can be missed without actually having to reduce the length of the season. This way if a deal was struck in late summer, the teams could still have some time prepare for the season.

Honestly, it makes me sick to even think it could go on that long.