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Troy Vincent To Announce Eagles Second Round Pick

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The NFL has recruited 32 "greats" from each franchise to announce their teams' second round pick. For the Eagles, that will be Troy Vincent

Obviously it's a pretty fun idea and it should entertaining watching the older guys trying to pronounce some of the names... There are some interesting choices for a few of the guys making the picks. For instance, Jevon Kearse will be announcing the Titans pick. Is he even retired? It's somewhat interesting that they didn't pick an Houston Oiler.

They have Aaron Glenn announcing the pick for the Texans even though he was only there for a couple of years. I guess for a young franchise that's basically never been good, it's probably not easy to pick.

There's a full list of the guys announcing the picks after the jump, but what do you think of Troy Vincent being the Eagles representative?

* Arizona Cardinals, Aeneas Williams (CB)
* Atlanta Falcons, Jessie Tuggle (LB)
* Baltimore Ravens, Peter Boulware (LB)
* Buffalo Bills, Andre Reed (WR)
* Carolina Panthers, Brad Hoover (FB)
* Chicago Bears, Richard Dent (DE)
* Cincinnati Bengals, Anthony Muñoz (OT)
* Cleveland Browns, Paul Warfield (WR)
* Dallas Cowboys , Charles Haley (DE)
* Denver Broncos, Shannon Sharpe (TE)
* Detroit Lions, Barry Sanders (RB)
* Green Bay Packers, Jim Taylor (FB)
* Houston Texans, Aaron Glenn (CB)
* Indianapolis Colts, Jeff Herrod (LB)
* Jacksonville Jaguars, Donovin Darius (S)
* Kansas City Chiefs, Willie Lanier (LB)
* Miami Dolphins, Sam Madison (CB)
* Minnesota Vikings, Chris Doleman (DE)
* New England Patriots, Andre Tippett (LB)
* New Orleans Saints, Willie Roaf (OT)
* New York Giants, Joe Morris (RB)
* New York Jets, Marty Lyons (DT)
* Oakland Raiders, Willie Brown (DB)
* Philadelphia Eagles, Troy Vincent (DB)
* Pittsburgh Steelers, Franco Harris (RB)
* St. Louis Rams, Marshall Faulk (RB)
* San Diego Chargers, Natrone Means (RB)
* San Francisco 49ers, Dwight Clark (WR)
* Seattle Seahawks, Cortez Kennedy (DT)
* Tampa Bay Buccaneers, John Lynch (S)
* Tennessee Titans, Jevon Kearse (DE)
* Washington Redskins, Doug Williams (QB)