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2011 NFL Draft: Todd McShay Also Has The Eagles Taking Jimmy Smith

One of the dangers I think there are in mock drafts, especially at this point when we've had thousands of the are that mockers start to see a guy going to the same team a lot in other mocks and get a little complacent. Just because it might make sense for all involved, doesn't mean it's going to happen.

I think that's what might be happening with Jimmy Smith and the Eagles and Todd McShay may be falling into this trap in his latest mock draft. However, he does lists three scenarios that could see them taking three different players.

Scenario 1: Smith is neck-and-neck with Amukamara from a talent standpoint and is on the rise as teams get more comfortable with his character and their ability to keep him focused. He would be a steal at this point and step in right away opposite Eagles CB Asante Samuel to help upgrade a pass defense that allowed a franchise-record 31 touchdown passes in 2010.

Scenario 2: Derrick Sherrod is possible as an upgrade at a need spot.

Scenario 3: UCLA OLB Akeem Ayers could also be on the radar at this point.

If Smith is "neck in neck" with the top guys talent wise and teams are fine with his character why is dropping to the mid 20s?