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2011 Eagles Schedule Thoughts And Analysis

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Now that we've got the schedule for the season that might not happen, let's pick it apart just in case it does... The Eagles kick off the year in a somewhat odd way with back to back road games. The second of those games is at Atlanta on national TV. That's a brutally tough spot. Bettors will tell you that one of their favorite bets in a given week is to go against a team playing in the second of back to back road games. When that back to back game is against a very good team that's really good at home... it's going to be tough. The one big positive there is that it's so early in the season before fatigue should be a major factor.

Plus, Michael Vick will enter that game as the starter for the first time since leaving Atlanta, so it's sure to hyped through the roof.

All in all, it's not a killer start to the season. Of the six teams they'll face before the bye, only one made the playoffs in 2010. Three of the teams are picking in the top 10 of this year's draft.

Andy Reid will then put his perfect after the bye record on the line against the Cowboys at the Linc on national TV. The Eagles are back on national TV the following week against the Bears, who finally have to come to Philadelphia. Deep down, even the Bears will have to be a little happy to not have to play on that awful surface at Soldier Field.

Speaking of teams I'd like to see us finally beat... The Patriots come to Philadelphia on November 27th. Andy Reid has lamented the couple three point losses he's had to Bill Belichick, including the Superbowl. It would be great to finally get over on them. As Jimmy pointed out, after the Pats game the Eagles have a trip to Seattle for a Thursday night game followed by another road trip to Miami to face the Dolphins. That's a rough stretch from a scheduling perspective. Plus, none of those teams are bad.

The end of the season is always tough to forecast because you never know who will be healthy or any good or have anything to play for at that point... but the Eagles get the Jets, who should be good and have something to play for and then the Cowboys, which should be a game with a little more meaning than the pointless one to end last season. The final game of the year is the Redskins and who doesn't like that?