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Peter King releases his first mock draft

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Since Sports Illustrated is now doing that extremely annoying thing where they generate artificial page views by making the reader click "Continue Reading" 30 times to get through the entire effing mock draft, I'll simply take you right to the Eagles' pick.  You'll have to decide if you want to click through the rest of King's mock from there.  Here's his "will pick" and "should pick" for the Eagles:

[Note by JimmyK, 04/19/11 3:44 PM EDT ] - Just learned an awesome trick.  If you click the print button on an article like that, the entire thing shows up in a new window.  Yay!



Danny Watkins, G, Baylor


Jimmy Smith, CB, Colorado

Baylor coach Art Briles has been saying for the past year that Watkins, the former firefighter from Canada who didn't play football until junior college, would be a first-round pick. And he was hooted down. Art, you're going to have the last laugh. Philadelphia would consider pass rushers Aldon Smith and Adrian Clayborn here. But Andy Reid has an affinity for O-linemen, and Watkins is the kind of tough player Eagles fans will love.

In case you're unaware, Danny Watkins isn't your typical draft prospect, in that he turns 27 years old in November.  The Eagles obviously have a history of letting players in their 30's walk instead of paying them the big bucks, so I think on this one I can say with full confidence that the Eagles will not draft him in the first round, nor should they.  I like Watkins, but let's get real here.  King seemingly likes the "kid" too, and I'm going to guess he tried to shoehorn him into the first round here.

On a side note, why do the national guys insist on saying "Andy Reid has an affinity for O-Lineman?"  He had 13 picks last year, and took none.  In 12 drafts, Reid has taken a grand total of ONE offensive lineman (Shawn Andrews) in the first round.  While I certainly believe an offensive lineman could be an option in the first round, can we put to rest the notion that Andy Reid is drafting offensive linemen at some sort of abnormal rate?