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Andy Reid: Kevin Kolb Will Not Be Traded Before The Draft

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While this certainly isn't news, it's at least worth mentioning that Andy Reid has all but confirmed that Kevin Kolb will not be traded before or on draft day. Of course, no one will be traded on or before draft day without a new CBA.

Reid was a guest of Howard Eskin on WIP and was asked whether there was any way to make a deal during the draft without a CBA (even though Joe Banner already answered this question).

"No. No. No. Not at all. That' don't want to do that. Not from a third party in that way either. That's also part of it, so you can't say you're going to take this pick and than give me that pick for Kevin [Kolb] later or whatever. You can't do that. I mean that's a no-no there."

"There are no trades that take place until a new collective bargaining deal is done and then you can talk about it, so that's after the draft than you're talking about future picks if you decide to make a trade with another team. If the deal were to get done before the draft then you can talk about deals that would take place during this draft and picks this draft."

So in case you still wondered whether there was a chance for a wink nod type deal... wonder no more. Kolb will be an Eagle for the forseeable future.