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Introducing the BGN Mailbag

I've had a never-ending debate in the back of my brain for about a year now on whether or not we should do an "always popular, but not really all that original of an idea" mailbag here at BGN.  On the one hand, if people have questions, the comment section is a perfectly good place to get your question answered.  However, that eliminates the people that don't have an account, or the people that are shy about asking a question in a thread that might be on a completely different topic.

Anyway, instead of racking my brain about it any further, I decided screw it, let's just do this and see what happens.  So send along whatever questions you may have - I don't even care if they're football related or not, quite frankly.  Have a question about LeSean McCoy?  Fine.  Have a question about your girlfriend?  Also fine.  Hate mail is even encouraged.  Email me at bgn.jimmyk (at) and let's get this thing going.