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NFL Draft: Jimmy Smith Erasing Character Concerns?

During this whole pre-draft process many scouts have been in agreement about Jimmy Smith. He's got great size, good measurables and he performed well against top competition in college. From an athleticism and talent standpoint, he could absolutely be a top 20 pick.

However, there are the dreaded "character concerns." He's too immature and cocky they say... As if those are uncommon traits among young guys who have stars in sports their whole lives. Still, when you're about to pay a guy a couple million bucks, I can understand why you'd want to be as sure as you can that you'll get a return.

But Smith's character concerns appear to be fading away according to an ESPN report. Kevin Weidl spoke to sources at Colorado who told him,

"Smith's issues early in his career were due mostly to immaturity and falling in with the wrong crowd. Smith has matured in recent years and has indicated to NFL teams that he is looking forward to leaving that crowd behind and starting fresh in a new city."

He also spoke to a number of NFL scouts who indicated that the character concerns around Smith are easy.

Scouts I've talked to recently have also said that the more they dig, the more comfortable they are getting with Smith's off-field character and any potential risk involved in drafting him. And let's be clear that the character issues are the only thing holding him back at this point.

He goes on point out Smith's superior size, speed and his notable performances, specifically when he shut down Georgia's A.J. Green, who many see as the top WR in this draft. Weidl guesses that at this point, Smith could be a mid-teens/early twenties selection.

Tommy Lawlor wrote about Smith and the other top corners in this year's draft in his latest column at SBNation Philly.

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