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Kevin Kolb's agents ruining Kolb's worth - Why that's good news and bad news

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[Note by JimmyK, 04/15/11 10:25 AM EDT ] - Looks like Jason and I were writing about the same thing this morning.  Read his HERE first, and then come back (that's an order).

There was a piece written by Tom Pelissero of ESPN yesterday that included a number of juicy nuggets from around the NFL about trading for Kevin Kolb.  It's well done, particularly from a national guy that I believe is based in Minnesota (hope that doesn't come off as a back-handed compliment).  One of the juiciest nuggets for me would be the proactive efforts by Kolb's agents of setting a price for the kind of contract they expect for Kolb's services:

According to league sources, Kolb's agents have spread the word they're seeking a multi-year deal from any team that acquires him, with a price tag one NFL decision-maker said is "significant enough to make me nervous,"

First of all, I should note that just because someone says they heard information from "league sources," it doesn't exactly make a story true, but for the purpose of this story, we'll assume they're accurate.  With that disclaimer in place, if the report is true, from the Eagles perspective, Kevin Kolb's agents are damaging Kolb's worth.  Obviously, the worst thing that can happen for Kevin Kolb is for him not to get traded.  If he doesn't get traded, the Eagles will pay him his crappy $1.4 million this season and he'll ride the pine unless the starter gets injured.  That's pretty much been his frustrating life in the NFL since he was drafted, and has to be a doomsday scenario for Kolb and Co. 

Obviously, Kolb and Co want to be traded, and have even said as much.  Any team that trades for Kolb knows full well that they're going to have to give him a contract extension.  Actually, "have to" give him a contract extension is the wrong phrase - If they're willing to give up a 1, surely they think he's a "franchise-type QB" and they'd "want to" give Kolb a contract extension.  So why in the world, if you're Kevin Kolb's agents, are you willing to possibly turn off potential buyers for Kolb by throwing out numbers you know might scare teams, before teams are even allowed to trade for players and before teams can even have any kind of contact with an agent regarding a player not on their team? 

The answer is simple - You're confident enough that your client (Kolb) is garnering so much interest around the league that you're willing to risk the doomsday scenario I noted above by trying to weed out the teams that you think might nickle and dime you to death (cough Bengals cough Cardinals cough).  The good news there is that the interest in Kolb league wide is very high; the bad news is that Kolb's agents are making it difficult for the Eagles to maximize the return.

"Juicy nuggets" sounds gross, by the way.