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Report: Three Teams Willing To Give Up A First Round Pick For Kevin Kolb

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Tom Pelissero of ESPN1500 in Minnesota reported today that he asked four unnamed NFL personnel men whether they would give up a first round pick for Kevin Kolb, three said yes.

Three of the scouts qualified "yes" answers based on the level of the pick, the type of offense Kolb would be asked to run and/or the quality of the team making the trade. One gave a firm "no."

Although he didn't identify the teams he spoke with, he later cited a source who listed the San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins and Minnesota Vikings as possible buyers for Kolb given that they could all be potential playoff teams with a decent QB.

The report is part of a story on the possible cost of a new contract for Kolb, which as we've talked about before is kind of ridiculous. In the story he reports that Kolb's agents have supposedly let it be known that he's looking for a big, long term deal and that teams are are wary of it. As if that's at all different than any NFL negotiation ever?

I'm not saying that the ability to sign a guy that you could potentially pay a first round pick for isn't important and given that Kolb isn't proven as a full time starter no team will be chomping at the bit to pay him starter money... but it's not as if a team wouldn't have options. He's on a team friendly deal right now and while I'm sure his agents would like him to get paid before he proves whether or not he can play over the course of a whole season, he's never given the indication that he's the kind of guy that would hold out. Especially not when his opportunity to prove himself has finally arrived.

If the franchise tag is still part of the NFL next season, which teams will know before they trade for him(which would likely be after the draft), then they could always tag him and work out a long term deal after the season. If a team has identified him as their next starting QB to the point that they're willing to pay a first round pick, then it would seem silly to let rumors about what his agents might be looking for deter you. In fact, I expect that teams whispering to reporters about their concerns over his price tag is just a counter negotiation to the whispers Kolb's agents might be making. It also might be a counter negotiation to the Eagles...