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The Linc - Michael Vick Brings In The $$$

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Is Vick ad campaign 'business suicide'? Just the opposite - NFL News | FOX Sports on MSN
The sports-gear manufacturer Unequal Technologies was reaping the financial rewards after taking a punt on controversial Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick in its advertising campaigns, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.

Eagles Draft at a Glance: Help for Shady at RB
In this Eagles Draft at a Glance, Reuben Frank says that LeSean McCoy might need another RB to help him carry the load. Will the Eagles get that back in the draft?

Podcast: Eagles WR DeSean Jackson - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson says NFL players will feel the lockout when they start missing game checks and shares whether he'd be open to an 18-game schedule. He also talks about being unpopular in New York.

Detroit Lions Draft Busts Since 2001, No. 3: Joey Harrington - Pride Of Detroit
I hate to pick on our pals from Detroit, but It has to be depressing when Joey Harrington, the 3rd overall pick, is only your third worst pick.

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Cal DB Chris Conte to visit 49ers, has visited Chiefs, Eagles | National Football Post
Cal safety Chris Conte is scheduled to visit the San Francisco 49ers next week and has previously visited the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.

Eagles meet again with Temple S Jaiquawn Jarrett | National Football Post
Temple safety Jaiquawn Jarrett met again with the Philadelphia Eagles on Wednesday and appear to be extremely interested in him, according to a league source with knowledge of the situation.