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Philadelphia Eagles 2011 Preseason Schedule

The fierce Jets-Eagles 3rd and 4th string preseason rivalry is the grand finale yet again. I'll be more than happy to make my triumphant return to the Meadowlands press box for that one (my last visit being THIS).

Week 1 August 11-15 vs. Baltimore Ravens time/date TBA

Week 2 August 18 at Pittsburgh Steelers 8:00 pm (nationally televised on FOX)

Week 3 August 25-28 vs. Cleveland Browns time/date TBA

Week 4 Sept. 1-2 at NY Jets time/date TBA

Is it an advantage that they don't have to ever travel very far? OK, that might be a reach.

[Note by JasonB, 04/12/11 4:34 PM EDT ] I thought it was worth noting that Andy is having all his proteges back to Philly this summer. Pat Shurmur, Tom Heckert and that whole crew of ex-Eagles from the Browns are visiting, as is John Harbaugh and the Ravens.

Also the Jets are the only team that we play both in preseason and in the regular season. No more Danny Woodhead to run all over our fourth stringers!