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Poll: If The Eagles Take A Corner, Who Will It Be?

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Cornerback is one of the Eagles very obvious needs coming into the 2011 draft. So if they take a corner in the first two rounds, who would it be? First, let's narrow down the list.

I took a look at Todd McShay's big board that he and the people at Scouts Inc. compiled. It basically grades every player at every position with a round. According to his chart, there's only three corners with first round grades. Patrick Peterson from LSU, Prince Amukamara from Nebraska and Jimmy Smith from Colorado. Both Peterson and Amukamara are projected as top 10-12 picks with Peterson almost a lock for the top 10. So let's assume for now that those guys are out of reach. That really only leaves Smith as a viable first round pick.

Scouts Inc has Smith graded out as a "tier four" first round prospect, which makes him good value in the mid to late portion of the round where the Eagles pick. But if what there's someone else available that they like better or what if Smith was off the board?

The second round corners are slim pickings... Scouts Inc only has two corners with second round grades. Brandon Harris from Miami and Aaron Williams from Texas. Problem is, both of those guys are graded out as potential late first/early second type prospects. Think Nate Allen from last year. When you're a player of that ilk, you could potentially go somewhere in the 20s or the top 15 of the second round. So if the Eagles stood pat, there would seem to be a decent chance that both of these guys would be off the board.

There are a good seven corners with 3rd round grades however... So when would you pull the trigger on a corner?

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