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2011 BGN Community Mock Draft Pick #41: The Washington Redskins

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The Redskins have decided to buck tradition here and submit TWO draft picks for the #41 slot. Oh, that wacky Dan Snyder! Will he ever get one right?

As fake commissioner, I have ruled that the first pick, Imp's, will be the eligible one. However, since Number5 also worked hard on a pick, I will include his just for fun.

So, without further ado, with the forty-first pick in the 2011 BGN Mock Draft, Imp selects...

Christian Ponder - QB, Florida State

Quarterback is a huge issue with the Redskins so far. Donovan McNabb is going to be release once the CBA mess is over with, Rex Grossman currently lacks a contract, and John Beck's last pass attempt was on a 1-15 2007 Dolphins team. It is not a pretty situation and without many solutions in free agency or the draft. However, they do have one with this pick.

Christian Ponder is the most polish quarterback in the draft. He is an accurate quarterback with good touch on his passes and has a quick release. Along with his accuracy, he is very smart on and off the field - Ponder knows how to read a defense and already has his Master of Business Administration degree. Ponder also has fine mechanics, good at setting his feet to make a throw. There is no issue adjusting from a spread style offense that quarterback face over the last few years, playing three years in a pro-style offense at Florida State. He is also a high character person, being a team captain on Florida State.

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The biggest knocks on Ponder is his injury history and his arm strength. During the 2009 season, Ponder suffered a right should injury. Since then, there has been question about Ponder's durability. It is over blown, though. He did not suffer any other injury in 2010 and his shoulder has since healed over the offseason. Next, his arm strength is not anything special, an average arm in throwing the ball down the field. He does not possess the arm that Cam Newton and Ryan Mallet has. That said, it not as much as a concern because he is still capable of making most NFL level throws.

Now, just for fun, we'll take a look at who Number5 would have picked...

Mikel Leshoure - RB, Illinois

With the Redskins replacing Albert Haynesworth in the first round, Shannan is now looking to improve his offense. He needs help at almost every position on offense: offensive line, wide receiver, quarterback, and running-back. Shannan choose the later and selects RB Mikel Leshoure form Illinois. Shannan loves his zone-blocking and running game. However they were piss poor this season, ranking 3th in the league and averaging only 91.9 yards per game with only 9 TD's. The only teams worse were the Cardinals and Seahawks. Leshoure is a tough running back with lower body strength. His patient running and good vision is perfect for the zone blocking game. He hits holes well and has a good second gear at 6'0" 227 lbs. This season, he was a great runner averaging 6.0 yards per carry and finished with 1697. When he has the ball, he usually scores, finishing his senior year with 17 TD's. He has great hands as well, finishing with 17 catches for 196 yards and 3 TD's. He is a possible three down back, but in this day of age in the NFL, two backs are used often.

The Redskins really need a back. They recently released long time Redskin Clinton Portis after several injury plagued seasons and lack of production. Ryan Torian was a pleasant surprise for the Redskins performing well for them when in. However, he also had hamstring problems throughout the season and durability is an issue for him at the age of 24. He needs someone to complement him or to complement someone else. Outside of Torain, there is Keiland Williams (2nd season), Chad Simpson (4th season), Shawnbrey McNeal (1st season), James Davis (3rd season), and Andre Brown (2nd season). Plentiful yet as deep as a kiddie pool. Leshoure and Torian will be a great compliment for Rex Grossman next year :)

Next on the clock will be fr33thinker with the Houston Texans. Please have your pick in by 6:00 pm EST tonight.

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