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The Eagles' 5 worst moments of 2010, in video

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We'll get to the 5 best, but first let's look at the 5 worst moments of 2010:

5) The Opening Day Massacre - The Eagles lost Leonard Weaver for the season on an utterly gruesome leg injury (don't worry... I didn't include his leg snapping back in the wrong direction in the video).  They also lost another key starter, Jamaal Jackson, for the season, Kevin Kolb for a few weeks, and Stewart Bradley for a few weeks after a scary moment where he looked a little like when you knock out Don Flemenco in Mike Tyson's Punchout.  And oh yeah, they lost the game.

4) McNabb's return to Philly - It's pretty funny in hindsight to think that after Week 4, the Redskins were in first place in the NFC East, as McNabb so gleefully points out in this next video.  Despite having a pretty bad game, McNabb decided to call the Eagles stupid for trading him (although not necessarily in those exact words).  Still, this was an enormous game at the time, and this loss to a bad team sent the Eagles to a disappointing 2-2 record.

3) Disasters inside the opponents' 5 - It was the 3rd quarter and the Eagles were up 9 with first and goal from the 3, looking to go up 16 and put the Titans away, when GAAAHHH!!!  Really?  That play aside, it would be foolish to mention the Titans game and not mention Kenny Britt.  Similarly, the Eagles had 2nd and goal from the Bears 4, looking to take the lead on their abomination of a football field, when Michael Vick had his passed tipped and intercepted by Chris Harris.  The Bears then marched right down the field and scored, making it an 8 point game going into the half.  Two HUGE plays, contributing mightily to 2 losses.

2) Tuesday Night Football - With the Eagles contending for a potential 2 seed in the NFC playoff race, they completely laid an egg under weird circumstances which pushed the game to Tuesday night, against a banged up team with absolutely nothing to play for.  No play summed up the game better than Antoine Winfield's sack/fumble/return/TD, which silenced an already quiet stadium.

1) The End

Apologies in advance for this.