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PFF: Antonio Dixon Is Eagles "Secret Superstar"

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Pro Football Focus has been doing a great series called "Secret Superstar" highlighting underrated players on each team that had quietly big years. For the Eagles, it's defensive tackle Antonio Dixon.

With an expanded role in 2010 – a torn bicep for incumbent Brodrick Bunkley against San Francisco gave Dixon a chance to start in Week 6 – he did not disappoint. He ended the year ranked 8th overall in our run defense grades for interior defensive linemen, surrounded by players like Antonio Garay, Haloti Ngata and Kevin Williams. His playmaking was once again lacking (just 21 stops), but this is understandable considering the 2-gap scheme that asks Eagle defensive tackles to eat up blocks.

Definitely check out their full analysis, but I thought a really interesting point they made was that Dixon could really thrive in Jim Washburn's system. They point out that Washburn employed a more attacking one-gap scheme in Tennessee and would even use his defensive tackles in nickel situations. So Dixon is very likely to get the opportunity to make a lot more plays in the upcoming season... you know, if there is one.