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The Linc - Eagles Message Boards To Return

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Site for Sore Eyes: Birds Battle Board Backlash | Eagletarian | 04/08/2011
The Eagles' message boards, in all their fabled glory, should be back by Monday, team Website czar Dave Spadaro said yesterday. "They hated it," Spadaro said. Spadaro said he and the folks who help run the site spent some time trying to answer the question "Can we salvage these boards?" Their answer, he said, turned out to be "No." So, he said, the Eagles have decided "to return to the boards as we had them prior" to the switch.

Avant finds peace amid a tragedy | Philadelphia Inquirer | 04/09/2011
"The first couple of days were really, really hard for me, because my dad was 51 years-old. But this is what I love about God, is that he gave me peace after that day," Avant said. "It was a supernatural peace. I don't understand why I still can come in here and shake hands and smile, but my dad loved life."

Mosher: Andy Reid the motivator takes aim at Winston Justice | The News Journal |
Andy Reid said there would be a good competition for the starting RT spot, so Winston Justice is working extra hard this offseason to preserve his place.

2011 Eagles Offseason Guide: Wide Receiver — McNabb or Kolb | Philadelphia Eagles Blog
This is the third in a series of posts breaking down the Eagles position by position in advance of the upcoming draft and (hopefully) free agency. We’ve already looked at quarterback and running back. Today we’ll examine the wide receivers.

Vick to work out with teammates; Reid not concerned - Yardbarker
"Before the lockout Michael was in the building every day. He was in the building every day last offseason," Eagles head coach Andy Reid said during the recent NFL owner meetings. "You can't do all the football stuff with him right now. But he was in there working out and he's in town working out. He was saying he was going to get everybody together and work out. We can't get involved in that. I think we're OK there."