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Westbrook, Reid, and the Niners: Tampering nonsense

I was reading a "links" piece over at Niners Nation (the SB Nation blog for the... uh... 49ers), and two of their items were Eagles-related:

So we all heard that Brian Westbrook doesn't want to be a 49er next season, but were the Philadelphia Eagles tampering with him? I'm thinking the Niners should at least look into things, just to cover their bases. (

I've also seen this tampering nonsense at PFT and a few other places.  Apparently, the revelation that Brian Westbrook occasionally speaks with Andy Reid on the phone is now potentially grounds for a tampering investigation.  Andy Reid and Brian Westbrook only worked together for 8 years.  How dare they develop a friendship during that time and occasionally speak with one another on the phone.

Also found this somewhat humerous:

There may be competition for the 49ers in the Kevin Kolb sweepstakes, which is fantastic in my mind, because ... well, you guys know why. So I will now use my amazing rhetoric and skills as a writer to convey unto you my position and illustrate it in such a way as to convince you: Kolb blows. (

Methinks this guy is an "internet scout," because really... As a Niners fan, has he really seen Kevin Kolb's body of work?  Write about what's in your wheelhouse; don't guess how good a player may be by looking up his stats on espn.

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