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Greatest Football Movie Of All Time Tourney Round 1: Brian's Song Vs The Last Boy Scout

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We are into our final bracket of the greatest football movie ever tourney with just four games remaining in the first round. For this matchup, we've got the #1 seeded Brian's Song taking on the #8 seed. After The Program won the last matchup, can James Caan win his second matchup in a row?

If 10 people were asked to name the first football movie that came to their mind, I'd bet that at least 7 of them would say Brian's Song, which is something considering that it's a made for TV movie. Like a lot of the movies in this tournament, this is an inspirational true story... but it might be more inspirational and more true than all. It is based on the real-life relationship between teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers and the bond established when Piccolo discovers that he is dying.

I'll be honest, The Last Boy Scout mostly made the bracket simply for it's ridiculous premise. A down and out cynical detective(when hasn't Bruce Willis been that?) teams up with a down and out ex-quarterback(Damon Wayans) to try and solve a murder case involving a pro football team and a politician.

After the jump is the opening scene from the The Last Boy Scout where a guy running toward the end zone, literally pulls out a gun out of his uniform and starts shooting defenders before turning the gun on himself in the end zone. Yeah...