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Schefter: Three Teams Debating Kevin Kolb Deal

ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter is reporting that "at least three teams" are talking about a deal for Eagles QB Kevin Kolb. He noted that while teams can't complete deals right now with the CBA in limbo, they are free to discuss them. So the Eagles can't pull the trigger on a Kolb trade, than can set up the framework for one should the CBA get done in time for April's NFL draft.

I also wonder if this maybe doesn't signal some sort of optimism on the part of some NFL GMs that a new CBA can get done before the draft. Because if they had no expectation that a deal was possible before the draft, why even bother talking about a Kolb deal? You'd have to think at that point the Eagles wouldn't have a whole lot of interest in taking him. Plus, any discussions you might have had with them before the draft about his possible price would likely be moot. For one, the market for Kolb would change depending on what teams did or didn't get QBs of the future. Plus, the Eagles are likely to demand higher picks in return for Kolb if those picks don't come until 2012. More than once we've seen teams essentially trade a second rounder this year for a first next year.

So the fact that teams are out there at least talking business and preparing like a CBA can get done is a positive sign. Plus, the fact that multiple teams are interested in Kolb is a great development for Eagles fans. Like I've said during this whole process, Kolb's price will be tied more to his demand than what the Eagles ask for him. If more than one team is interested and a bidding war starts, that's where the Eagles could really get a nice haul for him. It should be noted however that in a later tweet Schefter said it was "hard to pinpoint" which teams were interested in Kolb, which would imply that his info didn't come from an interested team, rather it was more likely from someone on the Eagles/Kolb side. Obviously that makes the info a bit less credible than it would be had it come directly from a source within an interested team.

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