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Michael Vick Reveals Why He Canceled On Oprah

Michael Vick was at the Maxwell Club Awards last night in Atlantic City, where he was presented with the Bert Bell Award given to the top pro football player of the year. It was Vick's first public appearance and comments since the end of the season. He was clearly among friends last night as his current coach and college coach were in attendance. Andy Reid won NFL coach of the year while Frank Beimer took home the college award.

This meant that Vick finally had a chance to explain canceling on Oprah.

"I just felt that the timing wasn't right, based on everything that was going on," he said. "My contract. The CBA. And there were certain things I really didn't want to touch on at the time. I feel like I need to be more, to do more, to be on that show. So I can talk about the past and talk about the present - how prosperous things are, how bad they once were, and how we can move forward.

"I need to do more. But I think when I do go on, it's going to be outstanding."

Sounds good to me... Honestly, from a football fan perspective I don't really understand how anyone would care. But his reasoning seems perfectly fine to me. That said, if he does want to go on Oprah eventually he better get to it. She's leaving the show this year.

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