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The Linc - Eagles Never Canceled Vick Interview

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Eagles call ESPN claim that they pulled Vick "ridiculous" | ProFootballTalk
Someone from the Maxwell Club booked Vick for an interview without telling him or the Eagles. The interview didn't happen and ESPN told everyone that it was the Eagles who canceled it.

Bill Simmons: Greed is good in NFL labor talks - ESPN
Bill Simmons has a pretty interesting take on the NFL labor dispute.

Will The Eagles Be Interested In Clinton Portis? - SB Nation Philly
Portis has always been a very talented back, and he will likely find a new home before next season (assuming there is one). Could that be in Philadelphia?

Jaworski believes lockout could hurt Vick, Eagles
Ron Jaworski has seen firsthand the damage a work stoppage can do to a NFL team and he feels the same could happen to the Eagles if a lockout occurs. By Reuben Frank

On the hot seat: Chris Cooley - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Cooley didn’t play very well in 2010. He didn’t stretch the field. He dropped too many passes. And Cooley isn’t much of a help as a run- or pass-blocker.

For Giants, now is the time to hawk PSLs | ProFootballTalk
For the Giants, even though a lockout may be looming, it’s business as usual for selling PSLs. The team sent an e-mail to fans this week asking them to pay top-dollar for the right to buy season tickets.