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Greatest Football Movie Of All Time Tourney Round 1: The Program Vs Heaven Can Wait

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"Friday Night Lights" easily bested "All The Right Moves" in our matchup of high school football movies in a small town with no jobs... Today, we actually move into the realm of the supernatural with our #3 vs #6 matchup. We've got #3 seed "The Program" from 1993 vs 1978's "Heaven Can Wait."

The Program touches on the season of the fictional college football team, the ESU Timberwolves as they deal with the pressure to make a bowl game, drug and alcohol abuse, and overall college life. It follows the trials of Coach Sam Winters (James Caan), the Heisman Trophy candidate Joe Kane, the freshman running back Darnell Jefferson (Omar Epps), their girlfriends, and other team members.

Heaven Can Wait stars Warren Beatty as a Los Angeles Rams quarterback(it's that old!), accidentally taken away from his body by an over-anxious angel before he was supposed to die, comes back to life in the body of a recently-murdered millionaire.

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