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Greatest Football Movie Of All Time Tourney: Any Given Sunday Vs The Replacements

Shane Falco has defied the odds so far, can he do it again?
Shane Falco has defied the odds so far, can he do it again?

BGN's Greatest Football Movie Of All Time tournament rolls on today after Invincible easily moved on past "The Waterboy" in the first elite 8 matchup. Today we've got a matchup between two movies about fake teams. Miami Sharks vs Washington Sentinels!

Any Given Sunday is a film directed by Oliver Stone starring Al Pacino which depicts a fictional pro football team. It's an extreme depiction of the NFL lifestyle with players throwing crazy parties, drug use, inflated egos, crazy owners... It also features the acting stylings of Lawrence Taylor.

The Replacements - During a pro football strike, the owners hire substitute players. Gene Hackman is the coach, while Keanu Reeves is the washed up former college star living on a boat and looking for one last shot... There's also a sumo wrestler on the o-line, a British kicker, and a deaf tight end. Oh and apparently when football players go on strike, so do the cheerleaders. This movie may also hold the record for the most music montages in a film.

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