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The Linc - Owners Lose Leverage With Lockout Looming

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NFL Lockout News: Federal Judge Deals Owners Major Blow - SB Nation Philly
A federal judge has ruled that the NFL's TV contracts violated their collective bargaining agreement with the players

Michael Vick ripped for canceling appearance well ahead of time - Shutdown Corner - NFL  - Yahoo! Sports
Hey look someone else calling out Ashley Fox for a bad column.

On the hot seat: Felix Jones - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Scouts Inc.'s Matt Williamson looks at NFC East players who must improve in 2011. Felix Jones added weight last season but seemed to lose explosiveness in the process.

On the hot seat: Eli Manning - NFC East Blog - ESPN
Clearly Manning tried to do too much, and 25 interceptions are just too many -- no matter what the circumstances. The Giants also have a very disturbing trend of deteriorating late in the season, which -- fairly or not -- reflects on the quarterback to some extent

Aggregated NFL Draft "Big Boards" from around the web - Bleeding Green Nation
In case you missed this from yesterday, Jimmy posted this great resource.