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Who is your favorite NFC East clown?

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With the recent entertaining daily trials and tribulations of Dez Bryant, it got me thinking... Who is my favorite NFC East non-Eagle jackass? In alphabetical order, here are my 9 finalists:

1) Dez Bryant - Talented kid, but just google him and click recent news. I won't add anything further.

[Note by JimmyK, 03/29/11 4:48 PM EDT ] - A THIRD lawsuit has now come to light. People are coming out of the woodwork at this point.

2) Martellus Bennett -The following quote is from Jerry Jones after the 2009 trade deadline:

"We had a significant offer for a key player that we turned down, and turned down in getting in more extended dialogue for," Jones said before Wednesday's practice. "So we did have that kind of activity . . . but I shouldn't name the player or the team. It was a very firm, significant offer for one of our young players that we had a chance for a lot of consideration if we had wanted to take it, and we didn't."

That player was Bennett. WHOOPS! Want a mulligan on that one, Jer? To date MartyB has 104 youtube videos... and 4 career TD's (none the last two seasons). This one is an apology rap, in the wake of an explicit rap for which he was fined $22,000 (continued after the jump):

3) Tashard Choice - I swear I didn't mean for the first 3 guys to be Cowboys, haha. I guess they're just front-loaded alphabetically. Anyway, nothing really wrong with Choice, but if he's a big fan of our QB, then he's OK with me. Gotta love the little "OK, on your way little buddy" head pat Vick gives him:

4) Chris Cooley - On the Donovan McNabb trade:

"This is one of the top 10 biggest bonehead trades in the history of the NFL."

I can probably think of 10 that were worse, Chris. Don't be so hard on your franchise.

5) Albert Haynesworth - Failed conditioning tests, an utterly absurd contract, bitching about the defensive scheme, terrorizing motorists, fondling waitresses, need I go on? But my favorite Haynesworth moment is this:

6) Brandon Jacobs - I really just wanted an excuse to post this (my favorite taunt is at the 1:18 mark):

7) Mike Jenkins - I think the video speaks for itself (and Collinsworth's commentary at the end is absolutely fantastic):

Bonus Mike Jenkins video!

8) Laron Landry - Tried to intimidate DeSean Jackson pregame...

And then the first play of the game in route to a 59 point drubbing...

9) Antrel Rolle - Don't boo me :(

Did I miss anyone?