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The Linc - Does A Work Stoppage Mean A Redskins Superbowl?

Redskins Stayed Unified in Earlier N.F.L. Labor Strife -
For the Washington Redskins, the results of sticking together during the previous two work stoppages were two Super Bowl championships. Of course, they had Joe Gibbs then...

Breaking down the RBs: Eagles - NFC East Blog - ESPN
As I alluded to in my "Soon to be Stars" piece not long ago, LeSean McCoy is becoming a truly great player. Having Michael Vick in the backfield helps any running back, and the Eagles’ run blocking is much better than many realize, but McCoy brings a ton to the table.

Eagles great Bednarik to be released from hospital | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/29/2011
"His heart's fine, he didn't have a stroke, so the doctors don't want to keep him any longer than they have to," Safarowic said. "They caught him crawling out of bed."

NFL Lockout: Bears, Broncos Join Packers By Claiming They'll Open Team Financial Records -
Will this be good enough for the players?

Vick co-defendant returns to prison for 11 months
Quanis Phillips, a co-defendant in the Michael Vick dogfighting case, has been returned to prison for 11 months for violating his probation. At least we know he won't randomly be showing up to any parties...

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