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315 google news articles for "Dez Bryant mall"

In case you missed the story about Dez Bryant recently refusing to pull up his pants at the Dallas-area NorthPark Mall, take your pick here.  In lieu of another article about the latest team to have interest in Kevin Kolb during this slow news period in the NFL, how about we take some joy in catching up on the dopey (yet seemingly harmless) Dez Bryant, and making this google news article number 316, shall we?

- Stephen A. Smith - "Dez Bryant looking like a fool"

- Deion Sanders - "Dez Bryant needs help"

- Former Cowboy Drew Pearson - "You gotta be bigger than that" (That's what she said)

- Tiffany Edmonds, supervisor at Gucci in the NorthPark Mall - "He's here quite often. He is an amazing customer."

- Spadaro-esque writer Rob Phillips - "It's unfortunate and to a large degree, it's unfair."

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