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Antonio Cromartie Not Toeing The Union Line And Making A Lot Of Sense

Antonio Cromartie is one of the more outspoken players in the NFL and has never shied away from talking about the disagreements he has with his union. Frankly, a lot what he says makes sense and I think he's actually a breath of fresh air from all the back and forth we've heard. Here's a sampling of what he's been talking about on twitter recently.

On the email exchange between Roger Goodell and the players.

Im tired of all this emailing each other. How about the owners and the NFLPA get your behinds back to the table and talk it out there.
I'm with you on that Cro. Plus, he's not saying this naively. He's got a practical reason for the players to get back to the bargaining table.
If judge Nelson keeps the lockout we lose all the leverage. So in others words bump April 6th ruling get back 2 the table and handle it
A lot hinges on the players winning their injunction. That's the whole impetus behind their faux dissolution of their union. I'm certainly no labor law expert, but it seems to make a lot of sense that it wouldn't hurt to keep bargaining until a judgment is rendered, especially in a case that you aren't certain you can win. Without Judge Doty is charge, this ruling is really up in the air.

Finally, I loved his thoughts on the players' proposed "boycott" of the draft. It seems incredibly selfish of them to ask these rookies to give up a moment they've likely been waiting all their life for.

I hope all the top guys go to Radio City and get the experience as everyone else did. I think the fans that go radio city loves it. I'm speaking as fan and as a guy who got drafted. I couldn't wait till that day.

I think Cromartie touches on a point that the players are missing here. The draft is an event for the fans. These players aren't standing up in front of NFL owners and accepting their new jersey. They're standing up in front of the fans at Radio City. The owners aren't even there.

This labor dispute will eventually be over and be forgotten. Stepping on the stage at Radio City after hearing your name called is something that a guy won't ever forget. It's not right for the players to ask these guys to give that up.

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