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The Linc - Buddy Ryan Battling Cancer

Buddy Ryan fighting cancer, but Jets coach Rex Ryan says 'tough old' father 'should be all right'
"He's 80 years old, but he's doing great. He's tougher than (s---)," Ryan said of his father, who actually turned 77 last month. "He's had other things in his life. He overcame encephalitis. He's overcome cancer twice. He's tough."

Michael Vick Goes Back to Visit! - Four For Four - SB Nation Philly
And he found an interesting way to stay out of the sun...

Didinger: Eagles can't refuse first-rounder for Kolb
With plenty of teams needing quarterbacks and a lack of quality QBs on the market, the Eagles will have the ideal opportunity to trade Kevin Kolb once the lockout is lifted. By Ray Didinger

Dallas Cowboys' Dez Bryant gets criminal trespass warning - ESPN Dallas
Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant was ejected from an upscale Dallas shopping mall and given a criminal trespass warning from off-duty police officers Saturday after a dispute over the sagging pants worn by him and some companions.

Can LeSean McCoy Carry the Eagles in 2011? — McNabb or Kolb | Philadelphia Eagles Blog
Fans have always wanted Andy Reid to run the ball more, but those calls were especially loud last season when LeSean McCoy was tearing up field in his first season as the starter.

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