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New NFL Rules Favor Challenge Challenged Coaches

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While the new rule about kickoffs is getting all the attention, the most significant rule change for Eagles fan may very well be the one that relates to challenges. Replay officials can now call for a replay of any scoring play. Previously, replay officials could only call for a review in the final two minutes of the half. For coaches like say.... Andy Reid, who aren't well known for the being the best with challenges, this is a huge help.

Raven's coach Jon Harbaugh said that the main reason for the change was that road teams were at such a big disadvantage.

It's a real big competitive disadvantage," Baltimore Ravens coach John Harbaugh said. "You don't get that look at it on the road that you get at home; they just don't show it."

Plus, and I think is the most important part, it makes sure that the right call is made. I get that there is a strategy to using challenges, but just because a coach is out of them or neglects to use one doesn't change the reality of whether a player actually scored or not. A guy shouldn't be a robbed a TD because Mike McCarthy or Andy Reid is his coach. If a guys scores, it should count regardless and this rule goes a long way toward ensuring that.

There's nothing more important than getting the call right.

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