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Vikings' HC Leslie Frazier: "you’d have to consider a guy like Kevin [Kolb] if he becomes available."

Tuesday! Tuesday! Tuesday! It's K-K-K-K-K-K-Kevin Kolb... All day! All night! Monster truck action! At the Spectrum! Beeeeeee there!

This morning JasonB noted a source that thinks the Cardinals are expressing the most interest in Kevin Kolb. Yesterday, we heard from Peter King that at least one team is willing to part with a first round pick for Kolb.

Today, we heard it straight from Vikings head coach Leslie Frazier's mouth (or a Viking writer's twitter account, at least) that "you'd have to consider a guy like Kevin if he becomes available." Fear not, Leslie. He's available.

Not jumping on the Kolb bandwagon yet are the Dolphins, at least not yet. Jerks.

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I'd like to personally thank Peter King for kicking off this onslaught of reports/speculation of where Kevin Kolb could potentially land. Clearly, there's a market for Kolb's services, and all of this attention he is getting is fantastic for the Eagles. If only, well, you know.

So I think it's time for a poll. Where will Kolb eventually land?

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