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The Linc - Arizona Cardinals Most Interested In Kolb?

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Source: Arizona expressing most interest in Kolb
According to Peter King of, one team is willing to offer a first-round pick for Kolb. A league source has told CSN's Derrick Gunn that a number of teams have made significant offers for Kolb. The source wouldn’t confirm or deny whether a first-round pick was offered. Another league source said that the Arizona Cardinals have expressed the most interest in Kolb.

Sources say Eagles offered a first-round pick for Kolb | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/22/2011
While Eagles president Joe Banner would not confirm the offer, he did say that there was a "more aggressive market" for the 26-year-old Kolb than there was for Donovan McNabb. The Eagles dealt McNabb to Washington last April for an early second-round pick and a 2011 fourth-round selection.

Reid: Graham a "real stretch" to make opener | Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/22/2011
Injured Eagles defensive end Brandon Graham would be a "real stretch" to make the season opener, according to coach Andy Reid. Graham, the Eagles' top draft pick from a year ago, suffered a season-ending torn ACL to his knee in December. Because of the lockout, he can't rehab with the Eagles but the team is allowed to keep tabs on Graham through doctors.

Former Eagle Kevin Turner and the Price Players Pay - SB Nation Philly
Post-football life has been hard for FB Kevin Turner. He's now been diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease).

Another Team Not Interested in Tiki / @TBO Buccaneers: Ira
You can put those Tiki Barber to the Bucs rumors officially to rest. If Tiki returns to the NFL, it won't be with Ronde in Tampa Bay.