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Madden '12 cover voting... reseeded

You can vote for the next player to graze the cover of Madden '12 this year, and ESPN is holding a 32-player bracket to pick the "winner."  The Eagles' representative is Michael Vick, but I would advise everyone not to vote for Michael, for superstitious reasons.  Anyway, that's not the reason for this post.  If you check out where ESPN seeded the players involved, they make absolutely no sense whatsoever.  DeMarcus Ware a 14 seed?  Larry Fitzgerald at 9 seeded lower than Hakeem Nicks at 5?  Chris Johnson an 11 seed and Danny Woodhead a 4 seed?  Was any thought put into the seeding at all?  After the jump, I attempt to correct their lazy work.

I ordered these players with the assumption in mind that my roster is completely empty (meaning that there are no needs that are bigger than others), and I'm not factoring in age, salary or other considerations.  These are the players I'd want most on my team in order if I had one game to play.

1 seeds - Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees

2 seeds - Chris Johnson, Michael Vick

3 seeds - Phillip Rivers, DeMarcus Ware

4 seeds - Adrian Peterson, Andre Johnson

5 seeds - Ndamukong Suh, Maurice Jones-Drew

6 seeds - Dwight Freeney, Patrick Willis

7 seeds - Matt Ryan, Jake Long

8 seeds - Larry Fitzgerald, Julius Peppers

9 seeds - Jamaal Charles, Ray Rice

10 seeds - Brian Orakpo, Hakeem Nicks

11 seeds - Mark Sanchez, Darren McFadden

12 seeds - Josh Freeman, Hines Ward

13 seeds - Jordan Gross, Sam Bradford

14 seeds - Peyton Hillis, Steve Johnson

15 seeds - Carlos Dunlap, Danny Woodhead

16 seeds - Tim Tebow, 12th Man

Have at it (cringing)...

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